Thank you for a wonderful seasoning!!! This order is for stocking stuffers for our friends and family. My husband and I love it so much we want to share it with everyone.
Hillary in Omaha, NE

It is the best!

I sprinkle the Garlic seasoning on EVERYTHING. Good Stuff!
Terry in Platte City, MO

It all started one spring day in the Sandhills of Cody, Nebraska. The school year ended with a celebration and rodeo in a town so small the school band only had to know one song to walk the parade route. Ben was put in charge of cooking 500 pounds of beef in the pit for the BBQ at the day's end. Now, Ol Ben was a man's man, fully capable of handling himself in the kitchen, so like any real man, he walked into the kitchen and said, "Honey, what can I put on this meat to make it special?"

And Pat, like any good Sandhills woman, tenderly replied, "There's the spices in the cupboard - go for it!"

Ben started dumping all kinds of his favorite spices in a gallon jar until he said, "Hey, this smells pretty good!" He put it on his meat and the entire Cody community thought it was the best they'd ever had.

Sandhills people are a pretty special bunch, living where there are more cattle than people, so one gets to appreciate the finer things in life: good friends, clean water, a loyal dog, a fine horse, and a perfect steak. Although Ben is pretty isolated in the Sandhills, he's gotten to know quite a few nice people in his years raising his purebred herd of Maine-Anjou cattle. For the next fifteen years, Ben kept mixing his spices, giving them away to family and friends, before a friend told him he outta be selling the stuff. It sold for years purely by word of mouth throughout most states, including Hawaii and Alaska. Finally a cattle friend in Illinois suggested the name "Sandhill Ben" since Ben has spent so many years jawin' about his beloved Nebraska Sandhills.

From Ben's family to yours, we hope you enjoy this product to the fullest. Take a bite of a perfectly seasoned steak, close your eyes and feel the Sandhills breezes, hear the Meadowlark, smell the sweet buffalo grasses, and know that you have tasted a bit of the good life.

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